Thursday 2 April 2015

Errors - It's a Spectro Night at Norwich Arts Centre

In keeping with its brief to provide a platform in Norwich for innovative electronic music, Norwich Arts Centre recently hosted three-piece 'post-electro' rockers from Glasgow, 'Errors', supported by fellow Scots 'Ubre Blanca' and local heroes 'collider'.

It was a welcome chance to hear local experimenters 'collider' again at Norwich Arts Centre, even if I was not able to actually get inside the auditorium. Regulars will have recognised vocalist Bill Vine from his role with the Arts Centre's sound team, but may not have seen him in this incarnation with fellow band members Jake Graham and Simon Grimbley. At times reminiscent of the moodier elements of Mogwai, Vines' haunting vocals create a brooding lamentation over guitars, drums and synths as they ran through a set that includes the singles 'Treehouse' and 'Dinosaur'. Watch out for future shows in the Norwich area.

'Ubre Blanca' was a new name to me, although they emerged from the ashes of new-rave pioneers Shitdisco and art-punks Divorce. Joel Stone and Andy Brown have together come up with a cinematic landscape of synths part inspired by the early use of electronic music in films and television series of the late 1970's and early 1980's, but expanded with a freshness and urgency that is very much 2015. Whilst the drums and guitar work are entirely stage driven, some of the programmed synthesiser work is able to run itself at times, which is at risk of creating a visual void for the audience. Other than that, a worthy soundtrack to an on-demand generation.

Ubre Blanca

The three regular members of 'Errors' keep left of stage clear for guest vocalist Cecilia Stamp and launch into their set that confirms their credentials as electronic-based veterans of almost eleven years, yet also signals a progression to, dare I say, a more melodic and even pastoral phase with the introduction of female vocals. 

Touring to promote the new album, 'Lease of Life', recorded on the remote Scottish Isle of Jura, the new songs will appeal to a wider audience, but may be questioned by those who have followed the band since their inception in 2004. Personally, I am becoming genuinely corybantic with the fusion of electronica with the driving guitar and drum combination so current through the likes of Drenge and Royal Blood. The synthesisers conspire to flesh out and expand the sound with a richness and variety of texture, yet it is  the instinctive rhythms of a real drum kit that allows for a 'live' experience that pads and loops can only hope to mimic. As a relatively recent convert to 'Errors', I really liked what I heard, and hope my avidity will be widely shared now that 'Lease of Life' is released for all to hear.

Cecilia Stamp on vocals for 'Errors'

'Errors' at Norwich Arts Centre

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