Wednesday 9 December 2020

Auckland Christmas Newsletter 2020

Aucklands Christmas Newsletter 2020

Although at risk of repeating what everyone else is thinking, and writing, in the run up to Christmas, this has been a pretty unusual year. I have hardly been out of Norfolk, and have certainly missed the usual mixture of live concerts, gigs and festivals that have characterised the summers of the last few years.

Fred, Sarah and Noah (who will be celebrating his third birthday on December 20th) were joined by Edith, who arrived on September 15th - by far the best news of 2020 for all of us. We took advantage of the easing of the lockdown in the Summer and, whilst none of us made it overseas, I played host for a week in August, when Florence joined Fred, Sarah and Noah here in Poringland for some lovely days out to the coast, as well as a bit of relaxation in the back garden.

Hopefully we will all enjoy a safe and happy Christmas, and stay strong for whatever 2021 decides to bring us.

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